My previous attempt at a blog

As part of my new employment I have been photographed for the company website. I had to see if the less then flattering photo would turn up in a Google search but ended up stumbling on something much more interesting (to me at least): my first attempt at a blog.

I started the blog back in 2005 and only made three posts. One was my take of what would happen to devices in the future (look half way down). The conclusion was not so surprisingly: convergence. I go on to list specifications for what would be my dream device:

  • Processing: 400-600+ mhz processer
  • Memory: 128+ mb ram
  • Storage: 30+ gb harddrive
  • Screen: Vga resolution / device size / touch sensitive
  • Connectitity: Bluetooth longrange, wifi, 3g/gsm
  • Camera: 4-5+ megapixel with 3xoptical zoom
  • Size: Small
  • Weight: Light
  • Except for the 3 x optical zoom, that’s pretty the iPhone 3G i have in my pocket..

    ..or the Hero that just arrived on my desk 🙂

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