BlackBerry Playbook Simulator and SDK hands-on

So i just got the BlackBerry PlayBook SDK and simulator up and running. While there is nothing in the form of apps in the simulator, it diden take much work to get the HelloWorld project running. All in all the initial impression is quite positive. I can see the split screen combination of WebOS style multitasking “cards” and “All programs” menu working well in practice. Since there are no hardware keys on the simulator (it’s just a VMWare image), swiping up minimizes the active application to a card. While there’s obviously some ways to go, everything seems quite smooth and well thougt through, with dedicated icons at the top of the screen for accessing notifications and the integrated media player (no media comes loaded unfortunately).

For whatever reason you have to provide your own 90x90px icon for the example app – I just picked one up from and resized it. I’m resonably comfortable with photoshop, but some people might not be.. blackberry-tablet-icon.png

Below is a couple of screenshots of the hello world example app running and what it looks like minimized to a card:

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