Hands on with the Galaxy Tab

Today I had the chance to go hands-on with the Galaxy Tab (see proof below). I only had it in my hand for like 5 minutes so this isen’t the most qualified impression. Also I’ve had several weeks of hands on experience with an iPad, so I might be a little biased (Ok who are we kidding – iOS runs laps arround Android).

The initial feel was a bit messy compared to the iPad, but I guess thats just a question of Android vs iOS. Browsing the web was perfectly ok, but notisably choppy. Naturally I had to visit a flash site as well – In2Media.dk came to mind. The site actually rendered as it should, but navigating arround was extremely jerky. Also I accidentially flipped the orientation a couple of times, resulting in very behavior like black screen and not responding to scrolling, etc.

One thing we touched on here at the office was the form factor. I’m a bit lost as to what to think here. The Galaxy Tab is lighter then it’s iOS cussin, but the screen is also a lot closer to beeing a smartphone then a netbook. I’m wondering why I would pick up the Galaxy Tab instead of whatever regular large screen Android phone Samsung makes. In that sense, the iPad makes a lot more sence to me.

I’m sure that the more open nature of Android will appeal to some, but I’m just not getting the same “attention to detail” feeling i get form the iPad. I know i’m nit picking here, but look at the camera placement for instance – why is it off center like that?

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