About Olav Rask

Hi, my name is Olav Rask.

I’m 29 years old and i live in Copenhagen, Denmark with the two loves of my live: my girlfriend and my daughter.

With a background in web development (ASP / ASP.Net) i have now moved on to bigger (erhm.. ..or smaller) and better things. I started my carrer in mobillity with HandStep, a developer of mobile solution focusing on Windows Mobile, then moved on to Milcom in Farum where I did more of the same. After a quick tour at Telecom Scandinavia working primarily with mobile web, I’m currently with 2BM – “a leading SAP and Mobility consultancy” working as a consultant with a broad focus on analysis, design and development of mobile solutions.

While i was brought up on Windows Mobile i have now come into contact with more platforms, both personally and professionally: iPhone, Android and most recently Windows Phone 7.

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