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Hands on with the Galaxy Tab

November 25, 2010

Today I had the chance to go hands-on with the Galaxy Tab (see proof below). I only had it in my hand for like 5 minutes so this isen’t the most qualified impression. Also I’ve had several weeks of hands on experience with an iPad, so I might be a little biased (Ok who are we kidding – iOS runs laps arround Android).

The initial feel was a bit messy compared to the iPad, but I guess thats just a question of Android vs iOS. Browsing the web was perfectly ok, but notisably choppy. Naturally I had to visit a flash site as well – came to mind. The site actually rendered as it should, but navigating arround was extremely jerky. Also I accidentially flipped the orientation a couple of times, resulting in very behavior like black screen and not responding to scrolling, etc.

One thing we touched on here at the office was the form factor. I’m a bit lost as to what to think here. The Galaxy Tab is lighter then it’s iOS cussin, but the screen is also a lot closer to beeing a smartphone then a netbook. I’m wondering why I would pick up the Galaxy Tab instead of whatever regular large screen Android phone Samsung makes. In that sense, the iPad makes a lot more sence to me.

I’m sure that the more open nature of Android will appeal to some, but I’m just not getting the same “attention to detail” feeling i get form the iPad. I know i’m nit picking here, but look at the camera placement for instance – why is it off center like that?


Android and permissions: Taking a screenshot

August 21, 2009

I had to do some screenshots for a presentation on the Android project I’m currently working on and to my surprise I found that searching for “Screenshot” on the Android Marketplace turned up zero results actually related to taking a screenshot.

I thought to myself that I would do a “shake to screenshot” app, but quickly realized that it was too good to be true, that nobody had thought of this. So I decided to investigate…


Android: Authenticating via NTLM

August 21, 2009

As a part of the Android project I just started, I need to access a service secured by NTLM. On Windows Mobile this is handled automatically by WebClient. For iPhone I had to make the move from the more modern and high level UrlConnection / UrlRequest API to the old school non object oriented C style CFNetwork API. Android turns out to be a bit of the same story as with the iPhone. I started out with HttpURLConnection, only to disappointed again and redirected to the Apache HttpClient. But unlike CFNetwork on iPhone, HttpClient actually does not support NTLM “out of the box”…


How to terminate iPhone application from code

June 18, 2009

Today i had to terminate an application, if certain launch conditions where not met (settings not filled out more specifically). I started out searching for information regarding UIApplication, but it turned out that a simple C call does the job: exit(0);

Update: As is pointed out in comments, there seem to be some content as to wether explicitly exiting an application will result in failure to pass the Apple AppStore aproval process.

In my case i was building a pure online app. If no connection could be established on startup, the user would be presented the option to retry or cancel. Cancel would result in the app exiting. Pretty rutine behavior, but I guess I could just remove the cancel button and leave it up to the user to use the hardware button.

In light of the new information then, the proper recommendation has to be do not terminate apps explicitly.