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Why Software Sucks?

February 13, 2008

After attending a session with Davis Platt at TechEd in Barcelona, I recently decided to finish his book “Why Software Sucks”. While there are some explanations (like the difference between static and dynamic web pages) that do get a little long for those use to working with computers (In Davis defense the book IS written for non-technical personnel), the general message of the book is basic, yet so true. Developers forget their users. David Platt’s “First, Last and Only Law of User Interface Design”: “Know Thy User, For He Is Not Thee”, is in my opinion something every developer involved in implementing user interfaces, should repeat to himself daily.


Model View Presenter (MVP) – My first post!

January 27, 2008

Hello all and welcome to Mr. Rask on the web.

For this my first post i have composed a basic introduction to my favorite design pattern: Model View Presenter or MVP for short. The implementation presented in the article is pretty much exactly how i do it at the office office every day.

Model View Presenter is all about seperating user interface logic from graphical implementation. If you have ever build applications using a graphical library like Windows Form, you know how easily user interface code can get cluttered. MVP to the rescue.

Article (.PDF): Model View Presenter (MVP)
Source (C# 3.0 / VS2008): Crappy filehosting died, so if you want it just drop a comment.

Last but not least any feedback is much appreciated. So pretty please – with sugar on top – drop a comment if you find what you read here usefull (or even if you don’t – i just want to hear from you 🙂 )

All the best
Olav Rask